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Williamston Homes For Sale

Welcome to Williamston!

This small town, with a population of 3,854, is located about 15 miles east of Lansing and 11 miles east of East Lansing. Most people who live in Williamston have to commute to Okemos or Lansing for work, since there is very little employment in the city.

The city of Williamston was used by Native American tribes to grow crops, bury their dead, and using the land for a yearly spring gathering. However, Williamston is home to Merindorf Meats, a butcher shop and specialty food store.

There is plenty of farmland in the area, a beautiful downtown area that is complete with several antique shops, and some residential community areas. A lot of doctors find themselves living in homes in Williamston. It has a quick access to I-96, so the commute to work is fairly simple.


Schools in Williamston, MI

A school district with good rating all around

Williamston has the 3rd best test scores in measuring reading proficiency. At a 92% graduation rate, the school also has the 3rd best graduation rate among the Lansing area school districts.

The biggest advantage of Williamston School District is that they have 3 pre-kindergarten teachers, which enough for this tiny town of about 4,000 people. The school district spends about $9,500 per student. There are only about 1,750 students in the entire district so it’s certainly a small school.

Despite it’s small size, the school has an impressive variety of extracurricular activities. The school district has groups like Business Professionals of America, Model United Nations, Student Council, and Service Learning Organization.  

Climate in Williamston, MI

Lansing has a humid continental climate that is influenced by the Great Lakes.

The region often experiences large seasonal temperature differences. The summers are hot, typically reaching 100-degrees in the peak of summer. The monthly daily average temperature in July is 71-degrees. It’s also very humid in the region, although not as bad as some parts of the Midwest. The winters are cold — sometimes severely cold. So cold, school is canceled just because it’s too cold out.

Precipitation is greatest during the summer, but we have significant snowfall which occurs from November to April. We average around 51 inches per season, but has far exceeded that average over the last couple of years. The growing season is short — only about 149 days.

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Williamston is perfect for the person who likes to be out in the country. A lot of homes have land, but you can find smaller homes with a small lot near downtown Williamston. There area has some communities with luxury style homes. I’ve found a lot of doctors live in these homes. The access to I-96 makes getting to Okemos easy. You’ll like Williamston if you want more peace and quiet or you want a good amount of land.