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Located in Ingham county, Lansing is Michigan’s state capital, although portions of the city extend into Clinton and Eaton County. It wasn’t until 1847 that Lansing was name the state capital — this is also 10 years after the admittance of Michigan into the U.S.

Lansing and the surrounding area — often referred to as Mid-Michigan — is an important hub for educational, governmental, and industrial functions. You can bet that you will run into plenty of lawyers, lobbyist, and politicians. Interestingly, Lansing is the only state capital that isn’t also a county seat.

In 2010, the city’s population was 114,297. Although the population has been growing, Lansing got its start through deception. Two gentlemen purchased lots and began selling them to folks in Lansing, New York. They told the people that the area has a church and an academic square. When these people moved, they realized they were scammed.

The city was pretty much dormant until a law was passed that required the state capital to be moved from Detroit to Lansing. Once it became the capital, three areas started to develop: lower village, upper village, and middle village.


Schools in Lansing, MI

A Growing Problem With the Education System In Lansing

Lansing, like any metropolitan school district, tends to suffer from a poor public school system. They public schools in Lansing are ranked among some of the worst in the state. On average, gives Lansing public schools an average score of 3/10. Some of the schools, like Eastern High School and Attwood, score as low as a 2/10.

But it’s not all bad news. Lansing is home to one of the best private schools in the area. Lansing Christian School has a 10/10 score. The quality of education at this school is similar to Okemos public schools which is often ranked as a top school in Michigan.

The school does have about 22 different sports available, but they’re not the best. Also, you may not like the school since it is a faith-based school. But I wanted to include it to let you know there are options for schools even if you live in Lansing.

Culture in Lansing, MI

Learn more about living in Lansing

Lansing is broken up into several different neighborhoods and districts. Each one of them offers a unique experience and a different setting. For example, downtown Lansing has a park and a nice library available. If you move to the eastern part of Lansing, it’s full of homes and is more of a suburban setting,

The city has a lot to do when it comes to sports and music. Lansing is home to the Lugnuts — the minor team for the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s also home to the Lansing Symphony Orchestra.

There are plenty of things to do for kids. Potter Park Zoo is located in Lansing, which is the oldest public zoo in the nation. Impression 5 science center is a fun child’s science center that is located in a historic wagon works factory.

Climate in Lansing, MI

Lansing has a humid continental climate that is influenced by the Great Lakes.

The region often experiences large seasonal temperature differences. The summers are hot, typically reaching 100-degrees in the peak of summer. The monthly daily average temperature in July is 71-degrees. It’s also very humid in the region, although not as bad as some parts of the Midwest. The winters are cold — sometimes severely cold. So cold, school is canceled just because it’s too cold out.
Precipitation is greatest during the summer, but we have significant snowfall which occurs from November to April. We average around 51 inches per season, but has far exceeded that average over the last couple of years. The growing season is short — only about 149 days.

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Lansing has a variety of place to call homes. From duplexes to downtown high-rise condos, you can find a perfect home for sale in Lansing. The properties don’t have much acreage, but the city has plenty of amenities from a library to the CATA bus system. Style, prices, and size range in the city. Those looking for a city-feel and a desire to live in a metropolitan area, then Lansing is the place to live.