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Welcome to East Lansing!

Located mostly Ingham county and parts of Clinton county, East Lansing is located directly east of Lansing. It is home to Michigan State University, Mark Dantonio, and Tom Izzo. In 2010, the population was 48,579.

The city’s downtown area runs along Grand River Avenue near the campus. It acts as a dividing line between the campus and the rest of the city. The street is lined with a ton of college-oriented businesses such as bars, coffee shops, and salons. It is a bustling place with people walking around late into the evening.

Immediately north of Grand River Avenue are predominantly student neighborhoods. You can find frat and sorority houses lining the streets. North of the student area is the main residential part of the city.

The most northern part of East Lansing has several new housing subdivisions and some of the most expensive and luxury homes in the area. It’s where Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio live. They’re minutes from Lake Lansing.


Schools in East Lansing, MI

East Lansing is One of the Best School Systems in Michigan

The entire Lansing area has some of the best school districts in Michigan. East Lansing is another school district that tops the top of list. Not only does it have a great public school system, it’s also home to Michigan State University. The school district received a score of 9 out of 10 from Michigan State University is one of the few schools to offer a veterinary program.

The East Lansing Public School District has 3,400 students enrolled in grades K-12. It is composed of six elementary schools, one middle school, and East Lansing High School. One-fifth of the district’s students come from outside of East Lansing — thanks to Michigan’s Schools of Choice program.

If sports are more of your think, don’t worry. East Lansing has a great sports program.

Culture in East Lansing, MI

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This major college town has its pros and cons. It is home to the Michigan State football stadium. You can catch a game during a beautiful, cool fall day. The Spartans are consistently ranked as one of the top football teams in the nation. Last year, they went on to the final four championship round. Their basketball team has won several championships.

The city of East Lansing has several neighborhoods of detached, single-family homes within a mile of the university. In 2004, city zoning ordinances were created to limit renting in the area. The net size of the area where renting is prohibited has increased since 2004.

If the hustle and bustle isn’t really your thing, then you should look for a home in the northern parts of East Lansing. There you can find some space, peace, and quiet. Every year, the city hosts an art festival and a film festival that many people love.

Climate in East Lansing, MI

Lansing has a humid continental climate that is influenced by the Great Lakes.

The region often experiences large seasonal temperature differences. The summers are hot, typically reaching 100-degrees in the peak of summer. The monthly daily average temperature in July is 71-degrees. It’s also very humid in the region, although not as bad as some parts of the Midwest. The winters are cold — sometimes severely cold. So cold, school is canceled just because it’s too cold out.

Precipitation is greatest during the summer, but we have significant snowfall which occurs from November to April. We average around 51 inches per season, but has far exceeded that average over the last couple of years. The growing season is short — only about 149 days.

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East Lansing has a variety of places to call home. From single-family homes in a bustling college area to $1-million properties. You can find the perfect home in East Lansing. There is also a nice golf course around the area and some golf course properties. Those who are looking for a college atmosphere should live in the southern parts of East Lansing. For those who are looking for beautiful luxury homes should look at the northern parts of East Lansing.