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I’m not for everyone. Most agents will tell you they can sell or buy any kind of home — even the ones they have zero experience in. Not me.

I’m a marketing agent, not just a listing agent. I do more than just place your home on the MLS database and realtor.com.

I value the relationship far above the sale. It’s why I give away a ton of free content. 

I Know That Asking A Complete Stranger to Help You Sell or Buy Your Home Is Asking For A lot and I Have to Earn Your Trust. If You’re Curious, Here’s More About Me

From Frustrated New Mother to a Happy Home

I started in the real estate industry after a very frustrating process with my husband. I spent hours looking for the perfect place, but always found something wrong with the home. Wrong neighborhood. Wrong school district. Wrong kitchen layout. Just wrong.

I needed someone who understood exactly what it was like to be a new mom looking for a new place to live. I needed someone who understood:

  • How important it is to be in the right school district to give my kids the best opportunities. I want them to have a better life than I did.
  • The importance of living in the right neighborhood — like the one I grew up in. I remember being able to run free as a kid and mom saying, “Be home before the street lights come on.” I want that for my kids.
  • The design and layout I was looking for. My family is on the go and busy. I needed a large open kitchen layout so I could spend time with my kids while I cook after a long day of work.

But finding someone who understood all of that was… impossible. That’s why I started Mocha Homes.

With Listings On:


What’s With The Funny Name?

We get that a lot. It’s a great ice breaker. But we named it because of the marriage with coffee, which pretty much fuels our business and keeps our agents going. Mocha has come to be known as chocolate, but before that it was a generic term for a variety of coffee beans.

We love coffeeeee. Sorry, a little over-caffeinated.

Interested in Working With Us?

Yay! But before we do, I want to make sure that we’re a good fit for each other. That means I want to make sure I’m the right agent for you and you’re the right client for me.

Our real estate team is selective about who we work with. I know, right? What kind of real estate agent team does that? Most will take any work they can get.

Mocha Homes is right for you if:

  • You’re looking to buy or sell a home that is under $500,000. We don’t really sell or buy in the luxury home market. We’d be doing you a huge disservice if we tried to buy or sell a home worth that much.
  • You’re tired of all of those other real estate agent peddling around the bush. We have a buyers waiting list in some communities, pocket listings, and a ten-step marketing plan to help you sell your home.
  • You’re not looking for the cheapest agents. We aren’t it. We work really hard to provide a ton of value for our clients such as a ton of free content, marketing your home like no other company, throwing parties for our clients and their friends, and sending them gifts.
  • You like to have fun. The home buying process can be frustrating sometimes, but we do our best to make it fun. So, if you’re a Mr. Grumpy Gills, then we’re probably not a good fit.  

Still Interested?

Great. Get in touch with an agent today.